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Welcome to Financial Advisor Search Engine

Financial Advisor Search Engine is a FREE service that lists qualified advisors in your area. Using this service you are able to find an advisor that suits your needs and requirements.



  • Retirement Planning
  • Asset management
  • Tax planning
  • Life and Health Insurance
  • Small Business Benefits

  • Quality Advisors
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Why use Financial Advisor?

Financial Advisors can assist you with everyday finances, long term and short term savings, paying taxes, retirement options, college savings, life insurance and more! A good question to ask a financial advisor is “Can you improve my financial situation?” Many responsible people think “I handle my money pretty well; spending time with a financial advisor is not worth it for me.” However, a financial advisor can bring awareness of financial opportunities and best practices.  Indeed, time spent with an advisor will likely yield:

  • Investments better suited to your needs
  • Possible tax savings
  • Better risk assessment
  • You will probably learn about investments you did not know of previously
  • Better protection and flexibility for life changes

How to Choose a Financial Advisor?

The first step in choosing a financial advisor is to identify your needs. Make a list of your own financial concerns. A professional should be able to provide specific information and guidance on all of your concerns.

Identifying professionals that meet your needs can be very difficult. Individuals often rely on personal recommendations or the Yellow Pages. Personal recommendations to you, though they were well-suited to the recommender, are probably not a perfect fit for your unique financial situation, and the Yellow Pages can be even less effective because there is no filter.

Financial Advisor Search Engine is a sophisticated matching service that can help you to quickly and easily receive information about financial professionals ideally suited to serve you. It is free and there are no obligations. In short, by using Financial Advisor Search Engine you will quickly and efficiently narrow your field of choices to the few best options.

Financial Advisor Search Engine will send you an email with personal and professional information about the advisor matched to your needs — you can view the advisor’s picture, services, years of experience, educational background, professional qualifications, types of investments handled, mission statement, etc.  It is important to further narrow your choices with an eye to eye interview.

Briefly, things to know about your financial professional include:

  • Independent Advisor or employee
  • What investment products do you offer
  • Investing strategy
  • How available are they
  • How do they evaluate my risk profile
  • Fees and commissions
  • Favored investment vehicles for me and why

Above all, you should feel comfortable with the professional that you choose. The advisor you choose should understand what makes you tick financially, what keeps you up at night and what makes you comfortable.  You want someone that you have confidence in; What you do not want is an “agreer”, someone that just agrees with what you say.  You want an advisor that will take the time to explain their advice so that you feel comfortable with your decisions. After all, ultimately the investing decisions will be yours.

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